The Rules You Must Follow When Date with Cougars


No rules no standards. The same is true for online one night hookup. With online rules, online dating will continue to develop healthily and continuously. If you break these rules, then I promise you that you can't find the sugar momma you want.

I believe everyone knows the Ten Commandments. This is a well-known rule. When we capture our sugar momma online, we also respect and abide by the rules of the cougar dating platform. So, what we are going to talk about now is the rules you have to follow to date with sugar momma on hookup apps, including how to treat them and how to flirt with them.

1: Listen carefully to what they say

When you are flirting with a sugar momma, don't be half-hearted and listen to what they say carefully. If you are distracted, it is difficult to come up with some humorous words to respond. You must listen carefully to everything she said and carefully try to understand the extraneous sounds of these words. Store all the information you hear in your brain. This information will play a very important role in future conversations. You can meet cougar on some ts dating apps as well. And when you encounter a special situation, it is also convenient for you to extract useful information from it. We know that most women are eager for the attention of men. If you don't concentrate on listening to them or distracting, they will be very angry because they feel that you don't care about them. So, when you are flirting with an older woman, concentrate on her, don't be half-hearted. Otherwise she will feel that you are dealing with her just to get rewards. Learn more tips on great ts dating apps.

2: Telephone communication

Telephone communication is more comfortable for older women than sending text. Your voice is more appealing than text. They fantasize about where you are calling now, in bed or in the bathroom. Of course, if you are at the bar, don't let her know. Because the older woman is more suspicious, if she is told that you are in the bar, she may wonder if you have other ideas. After all, many older women have experienced betrayal from husband or boyfriend. They don't want to be used as monkeys anymore. So be sure to maintain a sense of trust between you and don't destroy it because of some small things. Once trust is destroyed, the possibility of re-establishing trust is almost zero.

3: Show your dominance

Most women are more submissive. Some women are stronger because she has not yet met someone who can control her. Once she met him, she was like a gentle sheep. All women are hoping to find a dominant and aggressive male. Such men can conquer them. So, when you are older women dating with a sugar momma, be sure to take out your man's momentum and not be like a sissy. For example, ask her w to wear the clothes you prepared, tell her to bring you beer, and so on. Don't always be a weak performance.

The above three rules are the rules you must follow when mature dating with an older woman. It will help you develop your long-term cougar hook up dating life.